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Indicatif âge Commentaires
OH5KUY 25m32s.DsVP
OH2RDS 5m3sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Sipoo
OH9MBS-1 16m42sTimpan testi {UIV32N}
OH6JAT 9m18sJorak digi, KP21OW, OHC616
OH6AI 10sClub Station of Kokkola
OH3HWX-9 57m20s
OH6GKW 11s
OH3RBE-2 3m36sPHG25626/Wn OH3NE Sarkola
OH2KXH 121d 9h52m
OH1HEK-15 330d 14h12mRx-igate,Univ. of Turku
OH6JAT-9 214d 22h37m
OH5KUY-4 3d 35mEnonkoski (kp42je) {UIV32N}
OH3BK 167d 22h32m145.500MHz
OH3RUX 1m3sR,Wn,Tn Kotala OH2NXX
OH3HOO 8m39s
OH7BD 8s
OH8MXJ 3h11mPekka, Nivala {UIV32N}
OH3RBE-1 16m4sTampere/Pyynikki
OH3RCD 6m28sHausjarvi APRS digi, OH3AD
OH2EKK-9 2d 3h39mYVV-738
OH6NT-8 224d 8h12mFraensviken RX IGate
OH7RDO 16m18s
OH7RDR 14m42sRaakkyla
OH1MN-9 4d 4h25mListening repeaters and cr
OH1AU 15m4sKP10CM VUSHF Station, contact OH1MN
OH1AA 15m14sTurku club QTH, Thursdays 18:00, see
OH1MN 16m24sMarkus Home QTH.. pse visit if driveby!
OH3GDO-9 1d 9h56mQTP
OH7GWM 5d 2h15m
OH8MTM-6 6d 22h7mRisto,Tikkakoski {UIV32N}
OH8JYO-1 17m41s
OH8JYO 11d 10h47mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH6FBW-15 115d 3h35m
OH2NJR 10m42s
OH2MUI 7m16sRx iGate and WX station
OH6LSL-9 2d 4h20mSaab 9-3SC
OH8MTM-9 1h30mJHG-227
OH1JF 13m59sTurku
OH8MTM 7m34sRisto, Sievi {UIV32N}
OH3NE 2m49s145.750MHz T123 -060 Club mtgs Mo/Th 1700
OH5GWF 14m46s3 iGate Kuusankoski
OH4JOU 1d 4h51m145.625MHz op. Heikki
OH7BD-9 272d 22h37m
OH1AD 15m9sSalo club QTH
OH2GAX-9 1d 5h8mOp Otso
OH8RUU 184d 22h8mRaudaskyla 434.600MHz -2.0_114,8
OH8RAU 184d 22h14mNivala 145.600MHz -0.6
OH6RUC 2m36sTn,Wn Kaustinen OH6RUC Digi+TX-iGate
OH0RUZ 15m19s
OH1LQP 13m19sLasse
OH5GWF-9 4h40mJari
OH2TIMO 16m53sopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC15
OH1GJQ 14m9sSummer cottage
OH7EG-9 231d 3h5mTinyTrak3
OH5GWF-1 22s/ WX Pilkanmaa/ Kouvola, WS2300 / WD
OH2RCH 317d 9h23mJuhanila APRX RX-iGate
OH3RBE-3 53sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Palkane
OH3RBE-5 59sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Orivesi
OH2NJR-10 3d 4h9m434.700MHz
OH6R 17m4sClub station, OH3MEP for details
OH1CO 14m59s
OH3MEP 17m24sPete ja Ulla QTH
OH6YW-9 15d 7h14m
OH1RAU 13m9soutputs 145.775, CTCSS 103.5, contact OH1CO
OH1FAQ 14m24s
OH1GUN 14m14s
OH5AG 6m14sKerho,
OH1LEG 13m23s
OH0RAA 15m59s145.675MHz, contact Leif OH0KCE
OH0RUA 15m23s434.700MHz, contact Roland OH0AZX
OH1KAO 14m4s
OH1NR 13m14sREXI
OH1FBA-1 14m19s
OH8MTM-1 26m6sRX igate
OH2RDU 24m29sR,Wn,Tn Rajamaki
OH6AA-3 4m7sVaskiluoto
OH8RDW 18m55sRahja
OH3HPV 10h17mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4625/434.4625 CC15
OH1TT 12m59sJuha's QTH
OH6GAP 15m30s
OH5AD 15m24sAPRX I-Gate Hamina 144.800MHz OMNI 52m ASL
OH2NJR-11 259d 2h30mJoni, Gray Alfa Bertone GT -72 museum car EFX-10
OH4RDC 9m44sWn,Tn,R,MIKKELI,Muinola
OH6MVG-9 7h23m
OH7EG-8 1d 8h2m13.8V 08Cmokki
OH7LZB-10 126d 3h35m21C
OH6LSL-8 185d 2h28m
OH5RBG 16m41s144.800MHz OH5AG iGate Vuohivuori
OH6LRR-9 28m55s
OH2BP-2 4m29sWIDE UIDIGI Banana Port, Talassaari 2
OH2BP-9 287d 3h38mKari
OH2KO 3m26s
OH6AI-1 3m26sClub station of Kokkola
OH6RDK 1m12sPHG2571 R,Wn,Tn Hankasalmi OH6AD
OH1XT-9 173d 6h32m
OH3GLY-9 10m47sKaitsu
OH1JQ-5 242d 9h39m
OH7RDA 11m32sSiilinjarvi
OH3JHQ-9 198d 9h15m
OH6KSX-9 18d 7h20m14.6V
OH3KV 36d 6h40mOH3KV Koijarvi
OH7HJ-9 4h50mHAMDR
OH3MBC-9 255d 3h33mWIREL A1
OH2BQP-1 35d 9h18m
OH2HCB-9 82d 8h26m12.4VNCT-109
OH3RDA-3 7m44sR,Wn,Tn Hml
OH0JFB 229d 9h28mPeters QTH
OH3KAV-9 3d 6h3mTinyTrak3
OH3KLJ 23h41mop. Mika OH3KLJ / KP21PH
OH1KH 6sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC12
OH2EKK-8 176d 4h39mM/S ANNI/MMSI 23004660/ 70cm/ 2 m
OH1KH-15 2d 7h14m14.5V 19CParked
OH1KH-8 194d 7hTrackuino:AprsTx 12V
OH7RDT 18m23s1 Tohmajarvi
OH3HQX-8 292d 21h45mm/s Lyyli, 0505529050, ham 2m+70cm
OH2LAK 59d 17mMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 434.4875/434.4875 CC15
OH9MBS 16sTimpan testi {UIV32N}
OH5AB-A 24s
OH6TJ-9 15d 6h20m13.9V
OH2FPR-9 63d 1h55m
OH1KH-2 28m2s
OH6NMY 5m35seCumulusFO
OH2KQF-9 1d 10h16m145.650MHz VFO A, Erkki HYO-749
OH6RAH 4m9sPGH26304 R,Wn,Tn Joupiska
OH2AAB 301d 4h55mR, Wn, Tn Lohja
OH2ML-2 279d 21h30m
OH5RM 138d 44mRPR NODE 3590 oh5rm-8 chat
OH3SW-9 44d 2h28mDMR ID: 2441126
OH8TA 268d 3h14mClub meetings Tue 18 EET->
OH2BRN-9 270d 1h8m
OH6RDC 7m58sPetomaki, Aanekoski
OH7RDL 45m57sPohmelo
OH2FTJ-9 2h20m434.900MHz VFO A, Jouni
OH4O 10d 12h43mPRC
OH5XB-9 6h11mKari
OH6GAP-5 152d 1h7m
OH7RDB 121d 4h2m2 Wn,Tn Niinivaara
OH4KA-2 16d 17m10.0V 36C X1
OH3RUD 1m42sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Vesijako
OH7ER-9 5d 8h23m
OH5XB-7 2d 2h1mKari
OH3VL 236d 6h33m12.6V 32CLaivarannan Epätieteellinen Tutkimusasema PA + Alv 5%
OH1ML 249d 1h46m
OH3TK-9 61d 37m
OH1RT 6m7s..Paas poikete ku ajat ohitte 73 Tapio
OH8RDT 4d 16h54mRX-iGate + digi
OH9RDD 7m50s"R,Wn,Tn Levitunturi"
OH7GIQ-9 150d 10h52mPocketPacket/iPhone
OH6AA-1 2m40sRx-only iGate
OH5FVY-9 14d 6h1m145.500MHz QSY!
OH5FVY 11m3sOH5FVY RX-Only iGate
OH3FZQ 30seCumulusWMR100
OH1TX 229d 7h14mJaska's QTH
OH3FWF-9 4d 41m
OH6RAE 22m41sViitasaari 145.775 -0.6
OH8KA-5 4d 4h2mAntti
OH2MRS 152d 7h18m13.7V 11C
OH2FXD-9 186d 7h57m
OH6MHZ-2 2m44s{UIV32N}
OH5XB 1d 9h1mWS2355
OH2MDN-9 1d 11h1m145.500MHz FTM-350AE
OH2JXA-5 306d 6h23m
OH3LJU-9 5h50m
OH1EDK 28d 4h18mRadiopuhelin, mikrofoni ja antenni
OH7TR 265d 11h7m27.555mHz USB RULES OK
OH3KLJ-4 23h33mFoxView op. Mika KP21PH
OH2BIP 139d 20h9mBPQ32 IGate Helsinki
OH4GVN-1 178d 21h58mPuumala
OH2NIN 171d 7h36mAt home, looking at next summer if sailing is possible ? Not interested in skiing, only fishing, hi.
OH2RDP 11m41sRELAY,WIDE, OH2AP Jarvenpaa
OH7AZC 16m55sopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH2LAK-2 301d 5h17mR,Wn,Tn Alhovuori KP20BL
OH8JXR-9 47d 22mMicrosat Voyager
OH1KH-4 1d 3h26mTrackuino:E-bike 24V 00A 2.2Ah
OH6MCZ 42d 8h59mHome sweet home
OH8MIB-5 142d 1h52mOh8mib
OH4RDS 10h2mR,Wn,Tn Savonlinna
OH8RAC 17m7sM27JNR9JA7AN 145.7250/145.1250 CC1
OH6DL 3h13m
OH3GPD-9 1h30m
OH2EGI-9 3h49m
OH7FXK-5 272d 22h15mWhat we have here is failure to communicate
OH2KHZ-5 205d
OH6MQM-9 301d 10h54meCumulusFO
OH3LJU-10 76d 7h25mPolaris 4x4
OH5GWF-5 15d 7h47m
OH4KA-4 15m18sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate
OH2HUU-9 264d 11h8mHyundai i30 SW / JHM-587
OH2HCY-2 102d 20h30mVantaa, Metsola
OH2AUN-5 228d 3h4m13.5V 24C HDOP00.8 SATS11S/Y Forth
OH2T-1 119d 2h59mRaspberry Pi iGate
OH1EDK-5 112d 8h13m73
OH6MHZ-8 12d 2h25mHenkkan Mokki QTH
OH6DL-9 8d 4h57m
OH6JMT-8 107d 4h36mm/y Wellamo
OH2FXD-7 46d 22h32m
OH3KLJ-1 23h34mHaukkatie 36
OH2KQF-1 5m37sAlavus, Toysa, 26.9V, 9.8*C, 49%
OH2KQF 2m5sAlavus, keskusta
OH1RL-7 194d 9h21m145.550MHz
OH3HTI-9 274d 7h32mAutola liikeella
OH9ELA 198d 4h17mMMDVM + Raspberry ZERO v 1.1 434.4750/434.4750 CC1
OH6GJA 18m10s(Time 0:00:00)!INSERVICE!OH6GJA
OH5EIL 26m52sAPRS I-Gate
OH6DL-10 19m1sG/D* R-I-R HX 10147.3kHz WIDE1-1, WLNK-1
OH3KLJ-3 23h47mFoxView
OH7FES-1 11m45s144.800 RX Igate {UIV32N}
OH4KA-7 13m37sRaspberry pi
OH7EKL-1 7m49sMartonvaara
OH2LAK-7 31d 7h19mDMR OH2LAK P1 AR685
OH1HIH-9 213d
OH5HVN-9 53d 23h28m
OH6KNW-9 39m36sTEEMU 73
OH6KNW-12 352d 12h4mTeemu OH6KNW QTH Kaustinen Salonkyla
OH6HGN-8 113d 17h48m
OH6FJN-5 134d 22h59m
OH2HJ-9 14d 4h47mOP.JARI
OH6HGN-1 17m23sMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 144.8500/144.8500 CC1
OH2LAK-1 1m26sPusula Rx-iGate
OH4JP-5 5d 8h35m
OH6A 341d 19h49mClub station - Club evenings WE 19:00->
OH6ELF 6m3siGate / Tontun QTH
OH7JHF-7 273d 8h8m
OH5AA 1m18sClub of Kotka, tuesdays 19-21
OH2ELR-7 163d 21m
OH2FTB-2 3d 17h9mRaspberry Pi iGate
OH2FHF 3m41sLari QTH
OH5GWF-8 40d 8h48m13.1V-03C HDOP01.2 SATS08
OH2HCY-3 11m15sInkoo, Orslandet, Bjurs
OH7FES-3 130d 17h10mToshiba AT300 tablet + Intek KT-950EE radio
OH6ELN-9 5h14mQRV on 145.750
OH6RDT 141d 9h27mParra
OH4JPS-2 19m43sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate, Jari OH4JL Mia OH4HNT
OH2FZV 1m33s434.900MHz Mika QTH / 3.4&10&24GHz 1024 QAM TEST
OH2FZV-2 1d 8h32mMika Mobile C-HR_10&24GHz
OH3ERV-9 3h48m145.750MHzQRV OH3RNE/DMR TG244/145.500
OH1NYKI 13m51sNyki
OH5GWF-7 127d 36mJARI
OH2GMJ-10 9m16s9.7V
OH2BSC-8 295d 9h9mNGY-825 Hymer Van op. Pekka
OH2FHF-9 3h13m145.725MHz Green VW Passat
OH8EFI-5 249d 7h26m145.500MHz Seikkailuuun
OH2FTJ-7 205d 5h434.537MHz VFO A, Jouni
OH5KZ-5 19d 19h20m
OH2GMJ-9 3h42m
OH5RAB 2m49s145.775MHz 1750 -060 R40k
OH5RUB 29m4s434.775MHz 1750 -200 R50k
OH6XB-5 49d 6h56m
OH2BCE 54m30sop:Teemu
OH3KLJ-8 summer QTH
OH2MDN-10 225d 8h48m12.2V
OH6DL-3 249d 5h18mUin=12.5V,T=20.0C
OH8EPJ-5 12d 4h19m
OH1GRV 20d 7h16m
OH5ESU-9 1d 2h55m145.500MHz/TOMMI
OH5RDF 11m24sOH5AB Clubstation iGate MTGMon18
OH7T-9 13h45m145.775MHz C118 -060 Teme XC90
OH6KYF-1 208d 30m
OH3YP-8 240d 9h44mPicoAPRS OH3YP
OH6TN 214d 5h2müá´üáÆ
OH6NEQ-8 266d 1h30mm/s Viivi, Tristan 345FB, MMSI:230054910 3.72V 15.2C TF
OH2ELR-9 12d 1h56mOH2ELR@GMAIL.COM VW Iltis ex military vehicle
OH5RUD 17m5sM27QPR9JA7AN 434.5375/432.5375 CC1
OH0KCE 1d 10h51mOPEN_GD77 2w 433.3750/433.3750 CC1
OH6GFR-7 8d 6h50m145.675MHz
OH2GYT-9 90d 7h56m
OH9SM 47mopenSPOT 434.4000/434.4000 CC1
OH2EGI-15 6h53mVW TRANSPORTER 12.77V 24C
OH2NJR-9 11h38mJoni Skoda Karoq
OH6GLN 208d 3h31m3166B N62 44.097 E022 51.893
OH6AH 150d 3h1mOH6AH - Club station
OH6KW-1 18d 7h10mMunsala igate with RasPi + DireWolf + Baofeng
OH6RAR 28d 4h20mVHF Repeater 145.700MHz 1750 -060
OH2EGI-2 2m27sWX3in1 weather
OH2EWK-15 3m41seCumulusDsVP
OH8EPJ 17m25sArssi,Sievi {UIV32N}
OH2BCE-1 227d 4h30mop:Teemu
OH2FTJ 1m30sPorvoo, Lehtimaki
OH2FI 229d 9h1m
OH2FI-9 117d 6h12mXASTIR-raspi
OH4EA B 199d 9h18m440 Voice 434.47500MHz +0.0000MHz
OH4EA-B 199d 9h18m440 Voice 434.47500MHz +0.0000MHz
OH2HCY-8 8d 9h434.900MHz VFO A, Uffe VYH-758
OH7FES-2 3h46mLieksa DMR OpenSpot 434.4625/434.4625 CC13
OH2LAK-9 87d 1h49m434.625MHz GMU-761 Erik
OH2FOM-9 16d 2h40mlocal repeaters, 145.500
OH3GEF 10m59s
OH8MTM-5 12d 4h
OH2FI-8 102d 1h50mXASTIR-raspi-paatti
OH5XA-9 20d 3h35m144.887MHz FTM-400 Wirex-X C4FM and 145.500.73
OH5GDN-5 67d 2h16m145.650MHz Sami, työajossa
OH2EKO-5 19d 19h16m
A propos de ce site
Cette page affiche en temps réel les informations recueillies par le système de suivi automatique de position ( (APRS) Automatic Position Reporting System sur le réseau Internet (APRS-IS). L'APRS est utilisé par les radioamateurs afin de transmettre en temps réel les informations de position, les données météorologiques, la télémétrie et les messages par les ondes radio. Un véhicule équipé d'un récepteur GPS , un émetteur VHF ou HF et un petit appareil appelé tracker transmet son emplacement, la vitesse et le cap dans un petit paquet de données, qui est ensuite reçu par un récepteur à proximité des passerelles internet (iGate) qui envoie le paquet sur Internet. Les systèmes connectés à Internet peuvent envoyer des informations sur l'APRS-IS sans émetteur radio, ou de recueillir et d'afficher des informations transmises partout dans le monde.
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